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We often talk about encouraging kids to try new things , not to worry about failing, and to move on with lessons learned. But have we ever thought that adults need more encouragement.

Kids do not have a sense of boundary. They do not bother of failure unless some one ( other kids / adults ) make them realize that. If you tell a kid the good he has done by trying , he will be content. He will try again and work harder on his mistakes on little encouragement. But not the same with most adults.

How many of us can accept failure and try again and again without support ? It is flattering  to think or declare yourself as independent and strong , but behind every one of us stands a person who has never stopped believing in us . Treating us like the kid who needs to be shown the good of trying and failing and to keep saying “I believe in you”. Have we not been once in a while inspired by random strangers or news articles or example of some one making it large in life just by passion and diligence ? Inspired people are inspiring. Inspiring ones are encouraging ones too.

Learning a new hobby , starting a new career, Trying a new haircut or even new style of dressing can sometime be so easy if you have a word of encouragement and compliment thrown your way.

This blog would not have so many posts if the comments would not have been encouraging. The poetry e book would not have been possible if some of the friends and my mother would not have let me leave few daily tasks and just write as and when I wanted , reading and suggesting new voices for my ideas. I would not have learned to cook anything good without my roomie and mom trying what I made and encouraging to keep trying till I master, adding their own ideas into the mix.

ENCOURAGEMENT & INSPIRATION is always needed by everyone.

Thank those wonderful people in your life who encourage you. And if you do not find that person around you , none to fit the bill, do not be bitter. you can and should be that person for some one else’s life. Encourage and maybe you will find encouragement for yourself in abundance. Inspire & Inspiration will grace your day.


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  1. yes, we adults are too big for our britches sometimes, eh?
    maybe we could learn something from kids — who fall down . . . and get up. and fall down . . . and get up.
    And maybe we could also *be* the hand up for someone else along the way. Love that.
    thanks for sharing at IP.

  2. Bless you.

    This is a message I needed to remember right now.

    Sometimes it’s quite sad how we allow the naysayers in our lives all the power.

    It is the negative we remember and that cycles again and again through our minds.

    I try to focus on the positive, but lately I’ve been slipping.

    Thanks for this inspirational post.

    And for taking the time to link it.


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