i want a baby

A simple desire ? not so.
For one , I am not married.
Also , I do not want to sleep with some one just to have a baby.

And please do not suggest me how science can help me having a baby and blah blah.

So bottom line is , I am not sure when I would be eligible to have a baby ( as per me and society). And yet , Whenever I see a kid looking at me , and smiles at me , my heart wants to just grab him/her and keep him for a day or two with me. The cute dresses in the mall in kids section , the innocent talks , the eager look in eyes , the love , the trust , the fun , the bond .. I wish that for myself.

additional reasons being able to buy teddies , color books , story books , illustrated graphics , milk powder , cryons , funky clips and so many more such stuff for the baby ( and use some for myself too ).

I am not desperate to get married to any xyz. I think I found an ABC sort of guy for me and hope things go well.

But I am too eager to have a baby.
God, why do we need some one to make a baby ?

Can I just not get a part of me molded into an extension of me ??

Perhaps I could adopt one, if only I could afford having a baby right now.
Ok, I guess I should remember this reason and better concentrate on making enough money than dreams for my kid πŸ˜€

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  1. Bachhe tabhi tak aache lagte hai jab apne na ho!
    Believe me it’s funny when they play, shout, do some mischief it might be funny and cute as a spectator but it’s altogether a different ball game when you gotta handle them through all the nuisance !

    Ps: having said that, yes it’s all worth the effort! They are angel in their right πŸ™‚

  2. You will definitely find someone who is right for you and then you can work towards making a perfect home and then have a baby. I think such thoughts are quite normal to have.

  3. i think the desire to have a baby is a beautiful thing…and maybe a dream that will come true for you one day…maybe you will find th one soon enough…maybe you will adopt…there are many kids that need someone to love them…and maybe your heart is just being prepared..

  4. Finally the phantom comment that I was planning to post for sometime now πŸ˜›
    My thoughts about the subject are ditto the same. There was actually an incident when a toddler mistook me to be his mum (because I was wearing an almost identical kurta like his mum). He came and pulled my hand screaming “Mommy”!! And then he screamed at the top of his voice when he realized the mistake πŸ˜› It was so funny,cute and embarrassing all at the same time. πŸ˜€ Everytime I see those cute dresses at a kids’ store, i can’t help but want a kid and dress it up in all those. Only if adoption laws in our country were a bit more relaxed. But then thankfully, now a single woman can adopt a kid where as a single man can’t (which is again unfair). But yeah good news is you don’t need to get hitched to have a kid πŸ™‚

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