IMG-20120927-WA000Few months back , I asked myself the question , why I am good [ Assuming I am a good human being]. This was following a discussion with a friend about people being good till they have no opportunity to be otherwise. A true check of one’s character is how he/she behaves when presented the opportunity to be mean and also get away with it.

And after much thought, I realized that my reasons for being the way I am is belief in my Karma.

Karma for me is the principle that governs my actions and my life.

Said In simpler terms , Karma is the cause and effect way of living. It states that the effects ( rewards / punishments ) of every action of yours would be decided and passed on to you in this very lifetime. No deed of yours goes unreported and is tracked till the right moment. There be delay in the judgement , but be assured , it will happen. And to add more to the effect , the punishments are handed down in cumulative manner for all the sins in past.

And this , scares me. One can say I am good from the fear of punishment. I used to feel embarrassed about it before. But not today. I am good and whatever keeps me this way – karma , God’s words , my moral codes , my mother’s teachings .. anything that keep the happy glow in my life’s light , I am thankful for it. There is nothing wrong to admit that you fear god’s wrath. I do. And like a kid scared of the strict teacher , I am willing to be cautious forever as to not make mistake.

May my Karma keep me blessed.

Hope you all find the light for your life and keep it shining 🙂


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  1. I do believe in karma. In fact, my bad frustration and temper, I believe, caused me to fall on the golf course and dislocate my elbow. I announced to my golfing friends that I was turning over a new leaf because of my fall.

  2. I am a big believer in karma too, and in the thought that somewhere somehow you will get the results of your deeds. Keeps me good too, I hope :). Though I think being good for it’s own sake becomes a habit along the way don’t you think?

    1. I agree. That is the very reason parents teach good manners and good ideals to kids. In hope that by the time they grow old and think on their own , the habits will keep them on good side 🙂

  3. I am not a believer in Karma, myself. If I was, I would be forever in fear of all that would rain down on me as I am continually messing up this life of mine. But I do believe in grace and mercy and that is what gives me hope. Because, despite the fact that I don’t deserve favor and forgiveness, it is heaped upon my head and my heart daily. And that, my friend, is what spurs me on to do good things. May the peace that passes all understanding be your, today and always.

  4. I am not sure what I believe about Karma. It brings many people inner happiness so it has to be good .mas a Christian I believe my active faith keeps me centred . Good posting

  5. Call it any name, however I believe that ‘what goes around, comes around’… 😉
    Meanness also makes the face ‘hard’… Our attitudes and behaviours are evident on our face; for the whole world to see…. (That’s gotta be another good reason to be pleasant and amiable…) 😉 😉

  6. I believe that what goes around comes around.

    I firmly believe it.

    Be it karma or just trying to be a good person, I work very hard on that every day of my life.

    I really enjoyed reading your philosophy here.

    Thank you for sharing it.


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