Small Stone : Day 1-4/365


2013-01-01 11.11.05

colorful UNO cards ,
compete with dull grey skies ,
friends having fun.

Egg and bread ,
you and me; best partners;
feeding each other

many unread emails,
sorted into meaningless some folders,
work still remains

my dirty socks
stay glued to the shoes ,
both need wash


Form is inspired by dVerse. Form : Collom Lune.

Written as a part of

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0 thoughts on “Small Stone : Day 1-4/365”

  1. smiles… a nice game played with friends on an otherwise dull day surely brightens up life…the one with the shoes and socks made me smile..hehe

  2. nice…we love to do game nights with our kids or with friends…great way to bond, and talk….and there is def something so evocative about feeding each other as well…

  3. I remember when Uno first came out over 30 years ago. Now there are so many varieties. Once I played with two decks and about ten people. Lots of laughter especially when too much wine is added into the mix.

  4. Uno works really well as an ice-breaker in youth hostels too – much better than dirty socks and shoes ๐Ÿ™‚ Your lunes are a delight.

  5. Game nights with UNO cards and all make for fun times. It’s such a sweet thing to be able to be in groups of like intentions. Good times with family and friends are most treasured! Nicely Lady Nimue!


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