Stones from day 5-8/365

the vacant plot
of yellow grass,
once dead tired
of loneliness;
now sings aloud
of tiny pair of feet
rushing to swings –
new year gift to park.

next to godliness,
she learned as a child;
and so she feeds
to the ants at her door,
daily sugar and rice.

he focused hard
on the steaming cup
of over sweet tea
paid by a stranger,
overlooking the dog
that shared his meal
without invitation.

each day presented
a new trouble in life,
nothing could he hold
except her love filled time,
neither money nor family
understood his needs,
yet life moved on,
her words guide his feet.


Every moment has a “WOW” factor, If only you observe and appreciate.


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0 thoughts on “Stones from day 5-8/365”

  1. “Every moment has a “WOW” factor, If only you observe and appreciate”
    You said it correctly with that statement. each of your moments has a wow factor of it’s own. They are all special.
    Thank you,

  2. Ah yes, every moment does indeed have a wow if we focus on the details. Lots of moments captured here. I enjoyed reading them.

  3. Such poignant moments you have written about in your poem. Such sadness too that makes one think about what goes on in our own life. I can see him just sitting there looking at his tea and totally ignoring the dog. I am wondering if he is homeless as that is what seems to be going on. I have also never thought about feeding the ants before they enter your house.

    Very nice writing for this poem, I really like it. Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope your weekend is full of blessings.

    God bless.

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