Ten P’s of my Life

I am voluntarily taking up this tag from Pinksocks blog

Idea is to  do the similar list with the first alphabet of your name.

why P ?

’cause my real name starts with P  😀


1. Pari (fairy) : one of my old nickname which I admit I kinda liked ! alas, only 2 people call me by this name and I haven’t talked to both of them in ages !

2. Poetry : something that is my identity most times. I live , love , eat and breathe poetry. I write the same 😉

3. Paranormal : One of my fav genre to watch on TV these days and even to read ( you can throw it under fantasy fiction too ) but yeah , most loved TV series – Fringe , supernatural , Warehouse 13 , the Mentalist etc etc will fall in this category.

4. Project : A recent addition to my terminology outside work. Basically , I have taken up a few deliberate goals for the year – Project 52 to blog , Project Know delhi , Project 50 new dishes in 2013 , reading challenges. Ok, I think I have taken too many projects 😛

5. Photography : something I always avoided being a part of. I mean being in front of camera. now I am total opposite. I also need to learn a bit of photography so i can use my camera well even when alone.

6. Postponing : I am the master of doing that with my chores. Except reading a novel or cooking , I postpone anything and everything by atleast 10-15 min out of laziness and for days even if its a personal task.

7. Pasta : Food that i love most. I might not have it often when I go out, but given an option , I will chose it over any other dish.

8. Purple : color I love most. all and any shades. That reminds me , I have to buy a purple bag this summer.

9. Possessive : I am. totally. My guy knows it but ignores most times  ( he knows he doesn’t give me any reason as such) , but trust me to act possessive at times just for fun. Basically, I don’t like some one taking my place. anywhere. anytime.

10. Past : something I can not forget or leave behind. Its a shadow I walk with even in the night. My past defines me. and I am not willing to let it free as yet.

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