and so many questions to answer 😛

Leo & Reshma blessed my blogs [ Reshma reads my blogger page and Leo reads this wordpress one ] with this lovely award.

Rules :

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions set by the nominator
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria
  • Set 11 questions for them.
  • Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.

Usually I do not accept awards [ I am lazy to write a whole post about myself ] but recently I have some new blogs for you all to check. And so bear with me dearies ..

ME ( though I doubt my regular readers will find anything new here )

1. I am not comfortable writing prose ( fiction / non fiction ). I either wander from track or end up writing all poetry like sentences.

2. I love south-indian food more than north indian when given an option outside home.

3. I do not like changes in plans. If i make some plan , I want it to be followed strictly. Last moment changes irk me.

4. Lack of sleep and hunger made me a complete monster 😛 yes , I am the last person you would mess up with when I am sleepy or hungry.

5. I can not concentrate on anything if once I think of writing. When in that thought zone , I do not welcome any distraction.

6. I love questions. More so , the ones that make me think. Unless too personal , I like people who keep discussing different thoughts , beleif , ideas etc. I even ask a lot of questions from people I love most. Its the easiest way for me to know about a person.

7. I owe my reading habits to my mother. Most of my thoughts and experiences have her influence. One can say , we are more alike than siblings.

8. I love short poetry forms. I am too lazy to read long ones. I don’t even write long ones unless in rare moods.

9. Friends mean a hell lot to me than any relative. Many of them are my extended family sort.

10. there are times when I suddenly grow restless. I realize I can not spend consecutive 2 weekends at home without going out somewhere.

11. I fear a lot of things – losing my loved ones to unnatural causes is the biggest one.

And now the questions which I will be answering both Leo & Reshma’s questions in next post.

but , here are the 11 people I would pass the award :

Kz ( amazing story teller and lovely haiku creator)  ,

WabiSabi ( of wise and deep lines ) ,

Bjorn ( for amazingly real and innovative thoughts ) ,

Magical Mystical Teacher ( haiku , photos and more haiku)  ,

Divya (story teller ) ,

Lynn (queen of heart breaking lines and flowing words ),

Kristjaan Panneman (Haiku Master ) ,

Ermilia ( for picture prompt , the story and the books she talks about ) ,

Carol ( photographs , creative haiku art and lots of other verses ),

A Lot of pages ( my book review page ),

and Lastly Ibeingme ( he is the best muse , inspiration , critic and the best poet i know )

And  oh , I have only one ( or two ) questions for you to answer –

  • what is your favorite post from your blog ?
  • what is your biggest fear ? 

Share with the world  the award and pass it  on if you have new blogs to recco !

Plus , you CAN ask any question ( not more than 11 please 😛 )  to the bloggers you mention 😉

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “Awarded”

  1. thank you for the award!! I have already answered 11 questions so I will answer the questions you asked me here 🙂

    1. My favorite post from my blog is TATTOO GIRL!
    2. I fear the unknown BIG TIME!!

    Thanks again 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Any appreciation is a moment of validation, of happiness, a bolster to one’s esteem. Good job 🙂


  3. Congrats, Nimue. I can’t muster the patience to work those awards, so I always apologetically turn them down… (hangs head in shame) Your comment about friends over family, so true. We say, “There is the family you’re born with and the family you make. If they are very, very lucky, a few from the first group will make it into the second!” In my case, it’s my cousin Greggie and his mom.

    You deserve awards, showers of flowers, and all the chocolate you ever need. You are, as Grandpa Bill would say, “a jewel.” I mean it. Love, Amy

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