Discovering about myself

what you’re discovering about yourself.

Even before Emily asked this question , I was already walking on the path to accepting another flaw in me [ maybe I am being over critical ] , thanks to a gentle nudge in that direction from a dear friend.

I can not be happy too long


As much absurd this sound to even myself , I feel there is certain truth to this statement. I am more comfortable being a little sad or upset about this and that, but I can not believe everything being perfect or out of my hands. I have to be a little low and kind of become the reason for the same.

Idiotic ?

Yes, It is. And I admit this behavior is strictly in check from past months.

But I slip once in a while.  And every time I am thankful for the helping hand I get from my friends and family. I need to be scolded a bit at times to make me realize how my moods are affecting the people close to me. How I can not always blame myself or fear the worst.

And those days , I place faith on people who love me , on the guy who thinks I am worth all the love and care , on my family who feel proud of who I am and on God to guide me out of these depressive storm brewing on the horizon.

I guess writing helps too ( I see I am smiling a bit as I wrote this)

So that’s what I discovered about myself today ( again ) and I promise my love , I will be better tomorrow and for days to come.

*hugs to myself*


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  1. I think it is commonly understood that artistic people are not pleased with where they are or what they’ve done…this can be translated as a flaw or a strength in that it always encourages improvement…just another viewpoint.

    1. but what if the doubts and fears are about yourself ?
      the way you are and the way world would think you are ?
      If it concerns your fear of losing the people you love ..

  2. Hmm.. I think I understand this mindset as I have a close family member who is a little like what you have described. I think the amazing part is you have identified it when young, and it’s only going to get better after that :).

  3. I think its natural to feel that life is a bit too good to be true, I guess it happens to all of us. But as long as you understand that we are also entitled to the good as much as the bad and can appreciate the lessons both teach us… we should be sorted.

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