Life these days.

2 AM.

I leave office.
and like every other office going person, I feel so relaxed. All I want is to call my boyfriend or sometimes mom and talk about how my “day” was. But there is rarely any friend awake to talk at this hour.

Yes , I talk to them after waking up around noon. But I can not explain this itch to hear some loved one after work.

Maybe this will become a major reason I am thinking of a change.
( Infact I am typing this post while travelling back from office )
10 AM

I am woken up by the love birds outside my room’s window. My house has new guests ( they are a part of the house I guess by now)- a pigeon couple. Which I must add are building their nest on top of AC. Needless to say, they mess the whole balcony but neither me nor roomie want to disturb their home. We have even thought of feeding them a bit now and then.

( Did you know pigeons have a strong sense of direction ? Their brain cells can gauge earth’s magnetism which help them track paths. Plus they pair for life  unless one partner dies)


I am ready and waiting for the cab to pick me from home for office. And I thank god(s) that another day of the week is over. I also hope and wish my time  at work be well spent and I keep myself out of petty politics and uselessness of some people around me. Weekend where are you !!

Oh, before that .. Where the hell is cab ??

*Picks my novel and goes reading*

That’s all new to report.
Lot of observations more.
Hopefully soon.


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0 thoughts on “Life these days.”

  1. *Late Night Work*… Cant begin to imagine Me in this Time.

    Anyways this fact of pigeon is what I learnt today!

    Happy Reading……

  2. I know how one feels when you can’t see or talk to your loved one’s after coming from work at odd hours… I too have worked during odd hours for intial 2 longs years of my work life and have struggled and worked hard to get out of that work routine…. keep on trying new things will be do good…. never loose hope…

  3. This sounds difficult.

    And lonely.

    I’m impressed that you’ve made such sense of the differences here.

    I hope you find a way to make your time zones work more smoothly!

    Thank you for linking.


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