My dreams

My dreams lately have me seeing a lot of people from past. Some who have been mentioned in recent days and many who I don’t think i ever remembered after parting ways with. The dreams are kind of happy , even if not , atleast they are not sad or mysterious. Talking of mysterious dreams , I guess the weirdest one was to be invited to have a drink with my dad 😀 [ I still want to see how he or my mom would react to that ]

For years I have believed that dreams are answer to your subconscious thoughts. They might be something you badly want or just an image of what the future can hold for you. Sometimes they remind us of people we do not want to think about but we should. the college friends ( and the not-friends) I saw last week , the friends from present I saw today morning , they all had a reason to be there , even if i don’t know it now.

And the nightmares too. They show us whom we trust and turn to in real life crisis. I remember for a long time , I always saw my mom in my nightmares – in pain with me , protecting me and looking out for me. Then one night an year back, I had a real bad one and I saw him holding out his hand to me. I held that in dream and when I woke up , something inside me wanted that hand in real too. I always took it as a sign of accepting my feelings for him. And thank god I did.


So what do you think of your dreams ??

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  1. I do agree with you that your dreams are a reflection of what is going on with you all day… there are times they will give you a whole new insight when you wake up in the morning and then there are other days when you wake up in a sweat and I have personally had a few other times when I rolled over laughing at what I had just dreamt. I guess they are a subconscious reflection of your state of mind.

  2. I think a lot about my dreams, too, especially the recurrent ones. I’ve been dreaming lately of my dad–he passed away 3 years ago this month. In these dreams, he’s much more attentive than he was in real life. I’m wondering if he had to do it over, if he’d have changed, knowing what he knows now…

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