Non charismatic

some people lack
and that’s their super power;
to hide in plain sight,
to blend in a crowd,
to be a stranger all life,
even to ones who see them
every passing day –
These are the people
I sometimes wish to be –
some days I so badly need
this immunity from the world
of known faces , known feelings,
of advertised smiles
and so much shared pains.


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Written for OSI , sunday scribblings

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0 thoughts on “Non charismatic”

  1. Hi Lady, I have finally posted something on dVerse and I see you are already way ahead of me as are others. I really like this piece. Sometimes life feels like that…doesn’t it.

  2. “For everything there is a season” but clearly not all the time the same. Why do we have day and night and the changing seasons? Surely there is time to shine and a time to be in shadow. Just be true to yourself.

  3. I often find myself drawn to places where I can be invisible, to not interact with anyone who “knows” me or has preconceived ideas of who I am. I wonder though, am I more myself at those times or pretending to be someone else?

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