Count your blessings !

Some days you have to count your small joys ( specially when the bigger picture does not look so happy ) So , for this week, I sat and listed the below things that make me smile and keep my mind off the not so happy thoughts :

Gym . Finally I joined one and pray I do not skip many days.

Best Friend. For daily listening to *same* complaints of mine. not to mention she has similar ones from her workplace :/

Teammates . No matter how stressful the work gets or idiotic the people go , most of the people at offshore are a pleasure to work with and I am thankful for that.

Internet. After the last week of no net at home scenario , finally internet issues are fixed. The online watching of some of my favorite show has begun.

Mom. Bless her to bear my rants every day.

Him. He is my strength to survive many of the days off-late.

Books. < need I say more ? >

Writing this post. I needed the smiles right now again.

Reading your posts and comments. I will be doing more of it soon.

Spreading Love. Start with yourself , with your loved ones , and include a stranger too some days.

Prayers. I am trying to pray often. Thank God for that. and thank Mom.


Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. You sweet and grateful spirit shines through. It is a pleasure to meet you. This is my first visit and I simply love the whimsy and the joy here. I hope to see you again over at Emily’s. Thanks for sharing your gratitude. Its an encouragement.

  2. You must pray, hopefully it isn’t some non-believer, ahem ahem who is causing you to forego prayers, do drag him along :-p I needed this post actually. I need some happiness at the moment as well. Thanks LadyN. KUDOS ON THE GYM!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    1. And once again we were reading and commenting at each other’s post at same time ! I tell you Lynn, you and me are so connected from past life 😉

      And don’t worry , the non believer doesn’t bother my ways. I have my own set of logic and thoughts about GOd. Just that they need to be put into right perspective at times.

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