Missing home and mom

I fell sick yesterday ( again ). I actually fall sick pretty often sadly 🙁

So yesterday’s sickness , I blame on the evening trips to nearby dhaba to have bread pakoda , the Saturday evening sandwich ( the veggies dint taste that good i admit ) and last to the Sunday morning sub ( that definitely tasted stale ).

Yes , the food and the changing weather with the ability to spoil food soon has finally hit me once again 😐  *sulks*

The final result : I had a severe migraine , a mild fever ( which is still there as I type this ) , bodyache ( the back still hurts )  and an upset stomach ( I am yet to decide about its status)

and now comes the saddest part of being unwell : Being alone.

Roomie is home and I have no friends to call for the night *sulks a little more*

such are the times when I wish I was home. I have always been a sick gal since I left home. I have at times told myself that maybe my sickness is as physical as emotional. Or maybe psychological [ i forgot the exact term for that ].

The days I miss mom a bit too much or the days when I am low and I really need people around , I somehow fall sick. and as much as I try , I have to skip office , which further adds to me woes. People would think I am used to stay alone but the truth is , day after day , I am getting less capable of being alone. about 6 years after leaving home , I now crave more for a home.

And tonight again, I miss mom. The 4 calls to her during the day are not enough for me to be consoled and she knows it.

So, before I made another call to her and cry my heart out [ yes I am still a baby when it comes to be sick. I cry ] , I decided to write this to let that moment pass.

So, no more call to mom. no more being upset, just take my meds and be a good girl for a while.

Hope your weekend and Monday was better !



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5 thoughts on “Missing home and mom”

  1. I hope your illness, whether emotional, psychological, or physical, passes quickly. As for missing home, being alone, this too shall pass I am pretty sure. But in the meantime … you have virtual “friends” who read your words and empathize with your aloneness.

  2. Cheer up gurl..this too shall pass..just take care..eat home cook food or just plain rice with curd n u shall feel fine…hugz

  3. Get well soon. Lots of soup, lots of water and lots of sleep. You know the mantra. And I always need my mom too… I never admit I need her, except when I am sick. 🙂

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