the things that are not

The things you do for love’s sake
But the same you ask not;
The verses of love you write
But most you get replied not;
The days you want to act stubborn
But you know well you can not;
The nights you stay awake in bed
And wish it wasn’t so;
The dreams you see with open eyes
And wish they could be re-told;
The love you hold in your heart and life
That the world would appreciate not;
The only hands that can hold you well
Are the ones that stay closed;
The hopes you create in waking hours
Your nightmares burn them all;
And when you write all this down,
Trust me it will hurt you more;
But you still think of such moments
And want them to be not;
The way you wish the things to be,
The very things that are not.

I also recorded this poem :
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9 thoughts on “the things that are not”

  1. nice…and really twisty there toward the end…how hard to having all the hope you create during the day erased by your nightmares….it may hurt to write it out but it does help us come to terms with it…

  2. Fascinating exploration of “Not” — of false hopes, deluded hopes, hopeful hopes. Lots of hope.
    It makes you wonder how she will learn to cultivate satisfaction.

  3. “The only hands that can hold you well
    Are the ones that stay closed;” beautiful and so very sad, sadder perhaps because I know so many of the forms rejections takes

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