A to Z challenge : Believe

“you don’t believe it ?” , she asked him as she folded a few more dresses and stacked them on the bed.

Next she took out the suitcase from the almirah and only when she was done packing her things , did she turn to him.  All this while he was looking at her activities with an amused look.

“so ..” , she looked at him questioningly.

“If you had to leave , you could have just left. you know , why spend last half hour convincing me about it ? Unless you want me to ask , when you would be returning” , he smiled as he picked her suitcase and walked ahead of her, without waiting for a reply.

She went and sat in the waiting cab, and finally laughing at her actions , she slowly said, “you really think I will not leave you alone for long ? You are right dad. I am returning soon and make sure you do not have any more fun without me”

And then she was gone. Out of her nest , for the first time ; with his belief in her , her belief in his trust and herself as her only ally.

a flower awaits,
pretty butterfly new born,
wonders lie in path.

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