A to Z challenge : Excuses

Excuses are as varied as the cause or reason for which we invent them. But the worst ones are those , the heart invents for the mind. Not that mind is always right . but sometimes we know we are lying to our-self.   Last 3 days I have “excused” myself from some important things and I am not proud to that  –

  • I did not go to gym / or even for an evening walk which I so much love.
  • I did not write anything for 3 days, creating a backlog for blogging and same for reading blogs too. Not to add , that delaying my own therapy in times of over thinking.
  • I was irritated with something and I acted rude with my brother.
  • I did not pray or thank god for all the smiles he adds to my life every day.

I can list out the excuses / genuine reasons here for all these but the fact that I know I wasn’t right , doesn’t let me dwell on that. Instead I have to now fix all these. And find a way out before I make a pattern to excuse myself out of my duties and responsibilities.

Here’s to a happier and better week ahead. To heal , to read , to write , to smile , to love and be worthy of being loved.

Stay happy and blessed.

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9 thoughts on “A to Z challenge : Excuses”

  1. Sometimes blurting out can make you feel so well…and when we know where we are falling short, we can take care of it easily 🙂

  2. Hmm.. I seem to always have an excuse for not exercising.. don’t know why my lowering fitness levels are not enough to enthuse me into doing this :(.. All the best at the catching up and making up :).

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