A to Z challenge : Kindle for books

For a long time , I thought one needs to buy kindle to read the books available on amazon [ They were at times lot cheaper than paperback]. Then amazon came out with Kindle apps for PC , android , iPad , windows Phone etc and that opened a lot of books to me.

You can download the free kindle apps here

Also , chrome has a kindle cloud reader widget that can be installed and access all the books you have purchased.

Recently I bought a new phone that has an awesome kindle app and reading is so much easy and fun. I am so so addicted to it that I do nothing on phone in free time except read. Browsing kindle, I also came across this list of Kindle’s top 100. What is really cool about this list is that there are both free books and the paid ones. Kindle books get synced to the last line read on all applications and devices at same time so you can always switch from laptop app to the phone one seamlessly.

Do download and try some really cheap and interesting reading options !!

And lastly ,  Please check my poetry collection on Kindle : Fragments

If you happen to buy and read , please let me know your feedback.

Spread the love, spread the word ..

2 thoughts on “A to Z challenge : Kindle for books”

  1. I am addicted to Kindle e-books and own a Kindle. I love reading on it. So much so, I don’t buy paper books anymore. I find it frustrating when people who have never tried to read on a kindle tell me they will never because they love the feel of paper. Give it a go. I felt the same way until I bought my first Kindle.

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