A to Z challenge : Lonely nights

Much has been written,
And said
Of nights in our times
Foggy like ghosts of dead.

Hollow eyes stay glued
To hopes
We neither understand
Nor we pull those ropes.

Confused emotions
And dreams
Lie bleeding in heart
Supressing the screams.

In silent whispers of loss
And loneliness
I scribble these verses
N order to be blessed.

Pardon my sharp tongue
And loud voice
Remember the tears,
The would pay the price.

In dark i lie awake
And alone
Awaiting the dawn of love
Melting the stares so cold.

If once you turned back
To see
The eyes are set on roads
That bring you to me

Spread the love, spread the word ..

7 thoughts on “A to Z challenge : Lonely nights”

  1. Dear Nimue,
    If lonely nights inspire poems like this, it is a good thing indeed. I liked the whole poem that cuts through ‘fogginess’ especially the last stanza – which puts into perspective the overall longing and haunting theme.

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