A to Z challenge : Praise the “cooks”

candles flickered,
casting fun shadows on wall
hungry eyes look bored.

He was late tonight. The head witch Tracy sat impatiently at the door step waiting for him. The new comers to the witch family , sat impatiently around the dinner table , staring at the food which had gone cold already. Finally footsteps were heard from far away. He was still two streets away when Tracy ordered the candles to be lit and the food to be roasted once more. He liked his meat warm and chewy unlike the rest who did not care a bit for her cooking. And so , she made them wait every night for him. Little did they know , he liked to act important, hence the deliberate delay every night. It was after all a good decision to host the witches , he thought to himself as he entered his house, specially Tracy who loved to cook for anyone who cared to praise her.

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9 thoughts on “A to Z challenge : Praise the “cooks””

  1. Wow!! Loved the story and haiku combination!! Both well done!!
    BTW, I love your template, especially the squiggly worm hanging out with visitors here!! 😀

  2. I think if I was one of the witches that I would try to cast a spell on him to make him show up on time or I would just snag me a few pieces of meat along with some of the other food and eat it as fast as I could. Funny how they all waited and was bored. I would think that witches would be thinking of new spells that they could try, i.e. the spell to make him get there on time. Great Haiku lead in.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have been having a peaceful week and being fed on time.

    God bless.

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