The moments i whisper
the simplest words for you,
a thunderous storm kicks up
in my head and heart –
Its no easy way to tell
not in less than thousand words,
how much i miss you.
the world revolves around you
And it will be so always,
but how does one fight the urge
to shut down every other thought
and go on with the task in hand,
like say, making my fave soup
but following your dressing tip,
Each golden sunset with a red halo,
a reminder of your words
Dripping in my blushing eyes,
i inhale you scent from my skin
Tracing empty palms on my skin,
where only you can reach
And make these feelings come alive.

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10 thoughts on “Feelings”

  1. Swift paced and yet gently romantic!! It seems like the loud music has suddenly stopped and each whispered thought from the depths has come alive!!

  2. What a beautifully sensual piece of writing. Often when we feel such passion we cannot find the right words. It is only when we part that they spring to mind.

  3. It’s rare to be able to pinpoint an exact starting point for a writing project, but I know that this book had its start in this song, and specifically in a line that Ray Davies wrote that I think about all the time: “And all the houses in the street have got a name / Cause all the houses in the street they look the same.” That’s a perfect compression of one of the main ideas here, which is how we distinguish ourselves from one another. Our insides may be different (by insides here, I mean desires, fears, ambitions) but the skins are very similar. The suburbs is a particularly accurate illustration of this principle.

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