I Like Mondays

while the whole world vouches for Monday blues , For reasons unknown , I like Mondays. Starting Wednesday night , I start waiting and planning for the weekend but Every Monday night , when whole world on the social media is complaining for end of weekend , I do not understand or relate to the sentiment even remotely.

Mondays are like a new beginning . 5 more days to work hard and make your dream come true. The weekends are to rest and plan ahead but Mondays are the days when you begin a new chapter. And I believe that all beginnings should have a happy note. So I thank god for another wonderful weekend , and ask for strength and blessings for the coming week.

And this is something i found in google images. Totally cool thought !


And then there are Mondays I LOVE. The ones when I go to see lover by for breakfast ( in case we do not meet over weekend ) , those are the super awesome Mondays !



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2 thoughts on “I Like Mondays”

  1. i also think it’s perhaps a bit romantic and mysterious that the word “monday” is related to the word “moon.” sometimes that gets me through the jet lag i usually feel on those days ….
    thanks for your thoughts. they are inspiring.
    (visiting via Imperfect Prose)

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