The water bottle story !!!

I have been blessed to work with a really nice set of people most times. And the current team that i lead is as fun and hard working.ย  Basicalky eac member is very helping and caring for the rest except the summers. Cone summers and they turn a little lazy and selfish. Every favor has a price. And the price each season is to fill 2 water bottles from tje pantru area ( coz one can carry only 2 bottles at a time while keepung one hand free to open doors ) !! We have 3 bottles to be shared between 7 people out of which no one ever asked me to fill the bottles. I do it voluntarily many days but still, being the senior most, i know no one will refuse my request anytime i tell some one to fill the bottles. If at all,ย  there’s no favor to ask for or do by anyone , or no one has much work, either the fight would be whose turn it was to fill water that hour or the team mates would go in pairs to fill every bottle !

Big time circus it is in my cubicle most time due to all such acts every day. There is rarely a day i like to stay home , away frm such an awesme team, that sits together , eats together , leaves office together but fills water bottles in turn.


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