Book review : Chameleons by Sanket Ghag

chameleons-400x400-imadgwyz7ppgqxrqWhat would happen to you, if someone you loved madly left you without giving you a reason? What would you do if your business, which is running smoothly, turns into a bumpy hell ride? And a friend, whom you looked up to, turns his back when you needed him the most? The last resort you look to is your mother, who comforts you in your crisis, but she too pushes you to the extreme. Situations like these brings out the true inner self of a person; some change themselves to adapt to the situation like chameleons, some fight back and change the situation. Sunny is entangled in such situations. Standing on a six inch thick parapet wall of a four-storied building, he is looking out for a solution, and life flashes back to Sunny. Will Sunny find the solution? Will he become a chameleon or will he jump off?
I have to Say : Β This book was sent to me for review a month back but due to busy schedules and moods , I could only pick it up this weekend as I traveled home.
The story follows Sunny from his college , his initial job , love and to the end of his troubles. Though the story jumps between past and present , I liked the parts where his dad joins him and his brother to help them come out of the financial situation. More than the money , his dad’s dealing , the advice and the support is something one can easily identify with. Also , the architect terms and few insights into what goes into building a home and its decoration was well written. Β I personally found sunny a bit too good and kind of dumb. He accepts almost everything his girl says , even accepts her leaving without a reason and is too willing to take her back in even when she very stupidly goes around with another guy.
On the whole , It was a easy read that did not need much to think about, the story was decently thought but not so well written in my opinion. There were a few cliched scenes that I wish were edited out and oh , I hope the author does not use so much of Hindi ( and the translations in bracket like this ) in his next book.
My Score : 2.5 / 5

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