A visit to oxford book store

Books have always been my biggest addiction. For me , the words books and addiction are almost same. Then ofcourse , cones writing / blogging.the moment i read today’s topic of week long prompted blogging , i knew it would be about books. And what better than a visit to bookstore with lover boy and best friend !!
Oxford book store has opened again after over an year in delhi. And this time the cha bar is much more awesome. Check the pics :
The awesome reading area :
And this ladder was so much amusing πŸ˜€
not to forget the chai and the snacks @ cha bar
It goes without saying that i bought another book. Plus the awesome conversations with my besties !! A day well spent.
Delhi people and delhi guests , do not miss this.
Obe of my addictions include chai too. And i must mention that having chai with friends while you sit in the lodhi garden was an icing in cake for today.
Loved every bit of this post

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0 thoughts on “A visit to oxford book store”

  1. It was treat to be there. Around books, some conversations (book blog meet my god people were discussing in that detail) and lot of fun.

  2. I love librarys and used bookstores and antique book collection. Heaven! We could have worse addictions. πŸ™‚ Sounds like a good time to me and the treats look very yum.

  3. That wall with the bookcases which has the doorway in it, I want one like that at home!! I used to be addicted to books too, but that has cooled down a bit nowadays. It still happens that when I pick up a book I end up reading it cover to cover though πŸ™‚

  4. Wow!! Loved loved loved the place. And the snacks and chai with it sounds amazing πŸ™‚
    Note to self – have to go to this place on next Delhi trip.

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