Take Life easy

[ Background : I was upset that a friend of mine said things to me that hurt me. I had hurt her too meanwhile but what made me angry was the fact , I never can tell that to others as easily my friends express it to me ]
So I called this common friend and took out all my frustration and anger on the call. I did not feel good about it , neither could  I resolve my anger over night. I just emailed him expressing I was sorry for what I said and I just need time to sort things.”Take life easy”  , a friend wrote in the reply he sent  in the morning.
And I realize that some days I take being available for friends too seriously.  Most days I love to talk to my friends , to plan to meet them and to randomly ping to ask about life under their sky. But some days , even if I am genuinely busy and in no mood to hear another soul , If i realize I haven’t called a particular some one , I will use the time to not rest but to call. And in that process , I think , I do not give all my attention and care to the person on the other end of the call. This feedback has reached me some time but never before could I accept that I might be really doing something wrong.
As my boyfriend and best friend both pointed to me that I can take time off whenever I want but when I do connect to people , I should do it with intentions to make them feel good and hear them well.  It does not matter if I do not have a solution to their troubles but more important is to listen carefully.
So, from this very moment , I will try to listen more , listen well and listen with all my attention.
And if I am not calling some one , I will make sure I have a good reason and a sense enough to not be too late to get back !
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  1. Whenever I’m on the subway, I always wonder where everyone is running to. I want to stop them and ask “Where are you running to, Monsieur?” or “Why the rush, Mademoiselle?”. I always wonder, as I walk casually with my left hand in my pocket and my right hand holding my ipod, if I’m missing something. Is there a race that no one told me about? Is there some grand prize awaiting the person that reaches the exit door first? “Congrats, Señor! You’re the first commuter to cross the exit line! You win tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert! Woohoo!!” And confetti is sprayed in the air as two beautiful brunettes in knee-length dresses each clutching champagne bottles congratulate you and ask you to smile for the horde of flashing cameras. Hahaha is that what everyone is speed walking for?I think we all need to overdose on chill pills. We need to calm down. I feel like we give ourselves unnecessary stress. I know living in a big city is stressful, it’s hectic, it’s busy, it’s overcrowded, it’s loud, and it’s noisy. But we don’t need to succumb to this Metropolitan Madness. Sometimes we just need to listen to good music , relax, and take life easy.

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