A letter to you

On a new page each day,
I wrote a letter to you
And read it to the flames
That fed upon the words
Leaving a trail of smoke
That sang of new hopes
And marched about me
Like tiny soldiers coming home..
This is one of my favorite poem the e book I complied : Fragments  [ Click to read sample / buy ]
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0 thoughts on “A letter to you”

  1. Yes, I have written some of those letters a long time ago. Never sent, then I find them again and read what I wrote and decide most of the time that it was a good thing I never sent that letter. Time sure does change our view of things. I really like how this poem moves along and is straight to the point.
    Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a fun week and write a few letters and then toss them in the flames. It is good to get it off your chest.
    God bless.

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