Heart's battles

Sitting at the corner table alone,
she awaits for him with a lost look
unaware of the coffee gone cold.
she flips throught a random book
pausing at a poem on some page
the one that has her attention hooked.
It talks of anger and uncontrolled rage
in matters of love , lust and sometimes hate
trapping all energy like a bird in cage.
such feelings that are often discovered late
for the world no longer seem to know
how fragile hearts never win battles with fate.
This is a Terza Rima for Open Link Night.

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0 thoughts on “Heart's battles”

  1. Nimue, great take on the form! At first I thought, “Who wants to write tiramisu?!” (wink) The subject herself is enigmatic, but she seems like the type of person for whom some moments go by like a big “whatever” (her absentminded neglect of coffee) and other moments are seared into her soul.
    Complicated woman, and BRILL poem! Amy

  2. Love me some terza rima; it’s the musicality and flexibility that it gives that can make the results so rich. This is lovely, complete as it is although as KB mentions, it would be nice to see some more of her thoughts and feelings.

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