of pleasure and guilt,
of success and miss,
of tears and pain,
of releif and rains,
of high and low,
of bend or blow,
of hurt and heal
of touch and feel.
some we form,
some we hold,
some we hate to make,
some we can not break,
some trap us inside,
some push us outside,
some overlap,
some never can.
of life,
for life,
since life.


Prompted @ OSI ,
Also linked to Open link night !
Been too long I wrote a poem I guess. This was so refreshing.

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0 thoughts on “circles”

  1. Made me think of so many things. of life, of being a wife…of highs and lows and everything many incidents thoughts memories flashed through my mind 🙂

  2. A circle is also the only shape that is complete in itself.. it has no edges.. it has grudges. And the beauty of it is that the circle brings me back to you 🙂

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