Before i forget ..

I would not have written this post but a dialogue from the movie “the lunchbox” has inspired me not to let go of the thoughts.
The dialogue ( not exact ) was that we forget things if we do not tell it to some one.
( more about the movie on other post maybe )
Today i was traveling in a bus and the time i chose is not a good one. The bus was too crowded. Luckily a guy offered me his seat.  There were lot of people standing , some with huge bags on the shoulder , a few people some time stand too close, which is not comfortable.
Today too, a guy was almost falling on my seat when the guy next to me told him to stand properly. Before i could even say thanks to the guy , his wife told him he didn’t have to say anything unless he himself is being troubled. And she looked at me as if i had made a mistake not to defend my own space.
The respect i had for the guy to speak for some one else was kind of replaced by a hurt at the wife’s words. No wonder so many of us turn a closed eye on the events around us .
There is so much more that i have on my mind and wish to share with some one. Till i gather my thoughts and senses for a better post , here’s a poem i wrote for the morning journey of mine :
In a state between sleep and wakefulness,
You let your words free of your locked thoughts,
Feeling no different that moment , you go to bed
Yet aware that love you get is undeserved.
You wake up in the morning and you realize the pillow is still wet ,
The unread message from a dear friend is deleted without a look,
You feel like pushing the not so distant past further away,
Yet knowing that your heart is set in that moment.
Looking at the fast passing scenery in auto or not,
The breeze wants to say a lot to your sleepy ideas
While the eyes keep getting wet for no known reason,
And You know something isn’t right with the day.
Reading old conversations lead to old thoughts,
Re collecting older talks, lead to myriad f emotions,
You hold yourself tight and curse the tears to stop,
And when nothing works , you let your feelings flow.
When the words , memories and tears have all dried,
You look up at skies to question all this events.
The old Bollywood music soothe your nerves
as god rain on your face , washing away all the pain.

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  1. Its always those simple things around that inspires us. I can only speak of the post and not of your experiences here. What an amazingly written post this was. Its only when we write about everything around us, we feel lighter. Good post and best wishes..

  2. I feel sorry for the man who was married to such a woman…but it is good to know that such kind people still exist even when pressured not to care by those near to them.

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