I have rarely hidden any emotion from my blog. Its mostly when i write, that i make sense of my thoughts. .
So today when i feel so overwhelmed , so happy yet a little scared and maybe insecure , i have no one else to turn to. Last week i lost a friendship. And every day , i feel setting a few more free .. i feel lost , i feel confused ..
In bits and pieces , my life lay
You gathered some ,a few you bared,
The less i said, the more i shared,
More bits and pieces i lost each day.
Was i wrong, to want to be held
Was there no way , to offer me hope
When i Seeked love,you offerred help
When i searched peace, your hugs were dope.
After months of struggle we did realize
I was there yet not the way you cared,
I had built a cage of misplaced desires,
Time had come , for us to part ways.
I wish you had said a little more
For my sake, just once you had stopped
To look back where we once were
And to the future that my tears blocked.
I did not cry , on the day you held me
It matter did not, love had side tracked.
I will not comment on how you lead life
I will not let any guilt to hold me back this time.

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. NImue, the whole subject of love and loss is probably why we are all poets in the first place, but this really touched me. Your vulnerability, your ability to share that in your poem, is sadly beautiful. Amy

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