The untold poem

The words played on my tongue
Yet the lips refused to move;
The poem has chosen its side
And deserted me without any care.
The lines played in my head
Amd the images flashed in eyes
But the poem stayed quiet
And stared with indifference.
When tears lined on my cheek,
The poem spoke to my heart;
They will not undersyand,
Keep me hidden,will you please.
I cried a little more that night
the poem had choked all emotions
That the heart wished to share
Leaving behind a Restless trail ..
– nimue

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  1. Agree with Brian – sometimes poems won’t comply with ideas and that’s because one is not quite sure yet what to say entirely, what to subtext, what to metaphor, how to metaphor, where the story should go, how to build contrasts, how to write the opposing view, how to balance the thought, how to give it gravitas, or conversely how to lighten it. Should words for death be dark and heavy or light as the few grams weight of the soul that has flown? These take time to amalgamate in the poet’s mind, I think.

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