Be gentle or maybe not ( #OctPoWriMo day 4)

Not just being polite to people nice to you,
Or letting different people be the way they are,
Not only by refraining your judgements on others,
Or letting the goodness prosper within your heart
These make you not really an ideal person
These free you not from further improvement,
It does not mean your flaws are covered,
Or that your life has found the desired purpose
Can you be silent when a friend yells on you
Without a mistake or bother for the truth?
Can you accept with grace , people who shine more
And strive to be just you , but better than before
Can you admit to yourself , when you are wrong
Or accept being misguided by your own thoughts
Can you bear the critics , without a defense
And silence them any day, without being on offense.
You can not stop learning , or working on yourself
If you consider this not being gentle ,
I declare i can not be so for myself ever,
Only death can free me, or end of my writing.
I introspect , i reflect , only as i write. And thisbis what i have been thinking from few days. Lots to learn and lot to change in my ways.

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0 thoughts on “Be gentle or maybe not ( #OctPoWriMo day 4)”

  1. This poem is enlightening. asking questions hidden inside and waiting for answers.. found some.. and some not. Questions which we are afraid of asking.
    This poem has left me thinking…. !

  2. I do try, alas perfection and humanity are incongruent. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s the trying and the self-awareness which truly matters. Loved the questions and leaning to insightfulness.

  3. isn’t it really hard to be gentle at times..especially when people who don’t know you at all judge you..or insult you at any pretext…am learning to stay calm but at times I erupt. What you have written is very very true Pratibha. We are in a learning process.

  4. I know some stories here.. and some I shall know in future… this is beautiful and delicate.. this is firm and grounded. This is no less than a masterpiece. I like it!

  5. Pratibha .. I am speechless at the clarity of your vision. You’ve described our lifelong journey of sifting through those many emotions which pull us back and also pull those around us and yet in our heart of hearts we always know the truth and that truth has been beautifully conveyed through your piece. Brilliant work Pratibha! I know now, why we were meant to meet and be friends. Love and lots more love.

  6. Wow. Girl you often leave me spellbound at your simplicity in profound thoughts.
    This has so much depth and clarity and yet you expressed it in such a nice, simple way.
    Loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

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