I am nothing ( #octpowrimo day5)

I am a lot of things and phrases
Bit true , bit vague , bit totally fake;
I am a lot of colors and feelings
Some bright , some pale , some unaware;
I am a lot of sounds and faces
Sone loud, some mystical,some grave;
I am a lot of desires and meanings
Some fulfilled , sone sinful, some stray;
I am a lot of tears and darkness
Some reasonable,some fashion,some grey;
I am a lot of pros and cons
Some contemplations, some confessed mistakes;
I am sonething of the whole
I am everything of a part,
I am something found yet lost,
I am nothing if you really care to know.
This is for octpowrimo day#5

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14 thoughts on “I am nothing ( #octpowrimo day5)”

  1. Oh man! this is such a i-am-nothing-but-a-human type poem. again some enlightenment I found here. Your blog is becoming spiritually enlightening. Amazing~
    cheers to you!

  2. DEEP, without trying to be. Each line could be a post. Really shows how we’re all just enigmas; mixtures; pieces. Fun piece. Really enjoyed it! Well done.

  3. Nimue, I like this is poem not just because it shares you as you are but also because of the juxtaposition of the title vis-a-vis the “I am” because in the end the ‘nothing’ is such a strong force that completely justifies all the “I am”s above. It forces one to accept. Awesome ending to the poem, great title!

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