I feel you close #OctPoWriMo

Why do I then feel you close ?
each time I think of my first lines
why do I see you in each pause?
when I get cut by a rose
did I miss the warning signs ?
Why do I then feel you close ?
the happy smiles and the pose,
was there ever a truth in that time ?
why do I see you in each pause?
In words were your feelings enclosed,
yet I never read them right,
Why do I feel you close ?
for many , it was what you chose,
why then were tears all mine,
why do I see you in each pause?
you taught me life, from ashes you rose,
till your death pushed me into confines
Why do I then feel you close ?
why do I see you in each pause?
I never have a “words unsaid” moment with some one living. Nor do i have any thought left to share with people lost. But there is one guy , whose death did break my heart , whose absence is still felt some nights. Even if for sharing my poems and smiles beyond the distances. This is for some one who left us all on will and that’s something I can never know why.
After this , I went back to read this post which I had written about this special friend and I feel , the poem is not complete without the whole story.

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  1. “Why do I see you in each pause?” I feel the connection between you and the one you lost. You painted the picture so clearly. And I am reminded that those that are gone are closer than ever. Thank you for this.

  2. beautiful line, I second everyone who have made a comment. And at the same time, its very sweet of you to dedicate this post to your friend, who am sure was a gem of a person. This surely has left a deep deep mark on me. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Nimue, I can feel goosebumps – and the reason for that is this poem is truly a heartfelt one – every line seems to have come out deep from your heart. Very well written and I’m sure your friend can feel you.

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