Morning charms [ #OctPoWriMo day 11]

Deep in my sleep,
I can make the sweet voice
asking me when I would wake up,
I smile , knowing well,
morning tea would not be ready
for some more time;
clink clink of vessels – pitter patter of water
the morning smell of tea
mixing in the dry hum of AC;
the soft footsteps, the warm familiarity
the half baked dreams
served with fresh bread
and her morning hellos –
She , my blessing , my friend –
her morning prayers , her cooking ,
her smile – my charms for the day
She , my friend , my angel.

This is a dedication to my dearest Roommate and best friend. Written for OctPoWriMo day 11.
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11 thoughts on “Morning charms [ #OctPoWriMo day 11]”

  1. How can I stop loving this world of yours where you pen your words. And the most amazing part is that it belongs to reality. How sweet your words speak. How silently I enjoy them.

  2. Nimue thi poem is fantastic! This is a beautiful expression of love and kindness. The morning, the vessels, the chain – all took me back to my days of hostel. I loved this do much!!

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