News make no sense #OctPoWriMo

News make no sense today
some stocks crashed,
some one bought 176 crore
worth houses some place;
I read of new diseases
on rise ’cause of smartphone;
it seems people check it
150 times a day –
I guess I checked it
a little more than usual,
anxious and nervous too,
hopeful yet feeling guilty too,
no news of the friend
I wanted to hear from,
no words to shed light
where else can I now go ?
News make no sense today
happiness has decided to be away.

Today’s post is a real surprise. My mood did not permit me to even attempt writing but when I could not hold my emotions , I knew I had to write.
Hope this makes sense to you or some one ..
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0 thoughts on “News make no sense #OctPoWriMo”

  1. i seldom find happiness in news….
    i dont know if happiness makes the news…but i do hear you on looking for news of a friend..
    sometimes its reassuring finally even if not good…

  2. Now that’s what I call a daring effort and a good job. You’ve not only ‘reported’ but done it poetically at that. And what I like most is news you’ve chosen. Very unique, very effective, very important.

  3. really, the newspaper are so overloaded with trashy stuff.
    you create that pensieve mood of awaiting news of something that is worrying us so well in this poem.

  4. I see two phases of your poem- one ofcourse of how silly we all have become, phone is now an integral part of our lives. and secondly, of longing for a good news, maybe from a friend. and i can feel both of them… as in felt them.. 🙂

  5. I tend to avoid the news… let my husband tell me when there is something important I need to know…. but news of friends, family… this I seek out. (Facebook is NOT my favorite news source, but sometimes it helps to feel that connection)

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