smile & silence : Two posts for #OctPoWriMo

I skipped writing yesterday , So please bear with two poems in this post [ both off the prompt perhaps ]

His smile

slight curve
of the silent lips
he fills my soul
slowly, sweetly;
sweaty palms
on my skin,
fingers sketching
trails of sin,
sigh, moan,
his eyes shine
oh love,I lust for
the way you smile…

Today’s prompt is silence. I have rarely liked being silent or silent people. there was a time when after a while , silence would make me uncomfortable. It changed when I had to move to a new city and was alone most weekends. Here is a thought on those days –

Lonliness – a mistress I keep
for company in nights
when all world sleeps
but not my thoughts;
silence – the child i never sought
until one night the knocks
on my heart’s door
took away my sleep;
there was much to learn
and so much more to know
about my love , my fears,
my denial and the pain,
my acceptance , be it late.
There was much to let go of,
the world was no more known
silence and loneliness took over
and I was never the same again.

This is for OctPoWriMo # 13 , 14

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7 thoughts on “smile & silence : Two posts for #OctPoWriMo”

  1. Wow so beautifully done.
    You always awe me with your words and these were no different.
    First invokes passion and the second makes us love silence.
    Such is your magic 🙂

  2. Now there would be 2 comments for each, so please bear with me
    His smile- Its one of those poems with which anyone would feel connected. And smile at the end of it. Isnt it amazing? Thats how exceptionally well you write.
    Loneliness- I really liked what you write, how you write but I sort of like loneliness. I take advantage of it, do some self enlightenment, talk to self, do things which I love, so I guess I couldnt connect much to yours. Or maybe because you went through it on a much different level.
    Loneliness- a mistress I keep
    The first line itself is a killer! By god!

  3. Both of these poems are breath-taking Nimue.
    His Smile … I read this one and I could not stop smiling. It’s wonderful! And yes, the sins and sweaty palms part – perfect description.
    Second poem :
    Loneliness as mistress and Silence as her child – such BRILLIANT imagery! I’m stunned!

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