What lasts, or not

Tormented ,
Almost dead;
Thats how she felt
as she wept and wept
For dreams lost
And the few she
Never met.
He smiled
And laughed
And smilrked
On her state;
Walked proud
Over her body
She never did matter,
Her naked body no more
gave him Pleasure.
It was not
Long before
That she willingly
Had shed her thoughts;
Of shame
Of guilt or sin,
Only to please
The one who
Did not love but prey.
It was never
In his eyes
Or his sweet talk
This betrayal;
She did not
Care for pain
Or the violation,
She only cried for
the moment she enjoyed.
It will not last
This shattered heart
Or even the hate
She nurtured;
Or maybe it will
And destroy it all,
Her spirit,her soul,
Her peace,her hold
on whats real, what not.
– nimue

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0 thoughts on “What lasts, or not”

  1. Some broken thoughts are weaved together to form a heartfelt poem. Its amazing how a little emotion speaks a thousand words. The way you ended this post was superb!

  2. This one was superb, Nimue. I really like the theme, because betrayal has range of emotions and you’ve done a great job at capturing those during and after. Good one!

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