sort of diary post

"sorry that page does not exist"

And I felt , some one deleted a part of me. Some one ? Sorry. I deleted a part of myself. A part of who I was. who I am.
I am what I thought,
I am what I wrote,
I am what I felt
I am all I said.
I am what I read
I am still here
but a little dead.
and I die a bit more every passing day.
I wrote some crappy lines to few friends on whatsapp last line.
Crappy yes. Senseless , NO.
I kind of meant them.
I know where I stand today.
I am a broken dream
I am a lost hope,
I am an autumn leaf,
I am a body losing its soul,
I am love for just one
I am smiles for his words,
I am life for some one
I am alive in only his world.
And I live just for you. and only you.
’cause you alone make me feel , there is still light.

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