Think before,not after you speak

The damage was done,
No matter how I thought,
The words had left my side,
And correctly hit the wrong spot.
It wasn’t a lie that i had told,
But who knows the truth well,
Did i act on personal bias,
Who would be able to ever tell ?
Maybe no one would remember it
Or reject it as random theory,
But i would never be vocal again
Untill i believe the facts,not a story.
I was asked my opinion about a colleague today and i said what i had jeard or felt about him. I personally think he did not acted immaturely many times and had wrong impression on other team members too but still I feel i should hve restricted my thoughts a bit. I can not undo this but sure it was a valuable experience.  I suddenly recall a quote thay goes something like this ~
Before you speak , check what you going to say is true , necessary and kind.
What i said today wasnt exactly kind.

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0 thoughts on “Think before,not after you speak”

    1. in my line of work I have to be so careful what I say.. eveyrhting needs to be justified .. and with everyone having mobile phones they record everything ..
      so it has become a habit now .. even when i am typic a comment , I type it all.. read it .. and then press post..
      ps. now it is a different matter that i am so careless I still make spelling mistakes 🙂 so please ignore them

      1. Haha .. bikram !! I so much like ur comments .. and i agree , ine has to be very careful these days when recording is so easy and such issues are so damaging to any one’s reputation.

  1. You must believe in yourself always and let go of what others may think because, even though we are all entitled to an opinion, our opinion must not be spoken to hurt others and in the end the one who speaks it, I believe, has a personal problem that does not concern the one spoken to. I am so glad you are here again. Smiles!

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