Lets (not) have a baby

Last month, me and pati ( husband ) had an argument about his lack of time and attention for me ( i admit i might have exaggerated the scene a bit ) which ended up making both of us a bit irritated.
Next morning, during breakfast he asks me if i really wanted to have a kid. I told him no way was i prepared for the reaponsibility. He just accepted it with a nod, while i kept wondering why he even asked about it.
It was last week when i remembered the reason. While i was being upset with him, i had said, “perhaps we should have a kid. That way i will be busy with the child and you wouldn’t have to worry about me being alone or bored”
And i could not be more wrong. Is this how the relatives or other people think when they keep asking you to have kids ? Just to have some one bind the guy to home ? Or two people to each other ? Or even if for taking the family lineage ahead ? Is it not unfair on the partner who isn’t ready or more so to the child when you are not financially or mentally  prepared for bringing up a child.
I never would have thought about this again till today morning when i read an article on reasons for which one should not have kids. And i realize, even the thought of having a child for any reason other than two mature adults wanting to nurture a life is so damn wrong.
Having a child is a personal decision but it never should be a selfish one.

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  1. YEs totally agree .. its the couples choice .. and finding reason is just PLAIN WRONG..
    and why are you fighting with the young man .. 🙂 you just married 🙂 he he he
    you take care ..

          1. to see how good he is .. he is listening to all that and still not saying anything .. and then next day asking if you were serious .. HOW SWEEEEETTTTTTT…
            and someone is still tantrumming 🙂
            ok ok dont kill me now 🙂 🙂

          2. Awww.. No it’s not like that..ask him to right a blog.. i will take your side pakka promise. . ☺

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