Thank you FE

FE or Fried Eye is the fornightly published online magazine. I recall Hashan asking me to write a poem for the magazine when it was launched. And then 2 years back i was invited to be the editor for one of the issue ( God knows why the team agreed ! )
Since then, i have been on and off writing for the magazine . This year i have managed to write once a month atleast.  The reason i like writing for FE is ’cause they do not accept poetry from me. Its not that they said anything about it but for some reaons , FE has been an excuse / reason for me to write about topics i like ( or suggested by the editors based on the theme for issue ). Write in prose. Write my heart and mibd out. To actually research , read , sort and type out my ideas not in verses but in long sentences.
And for every article that the editorial team has reviewed , returned , appreciated and acceoted with smiles , i thank you all.
I thank you all for still believing in my writing and for the wonderful time I had last month meeting two of the pillars – two amazing ladies from the FE team.
PS : please go check out my latest article on my favorite books frm schooltime  here

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