52 weeks of gratitude : Week#2 ~ Thank you Yogesh

I have been wondering what to write for Yogesh from last 3 days. Before wedding, i have written so much poetry about him, us , love and post wedding the feelings have just been exceptionally overwhelming.
What do I not thank you for dear husband ?? I remember starting a happiness jar and the first note was for the wonderful family I have got through you. Never have I felt I am the outsider in your world or theirs.
I took the 100 happy days challenge and one third posts were for you ( actually it was for the late night chai you make for me When I am lazy )
I started the reading meets and you made such lovely posters for the invites , you bear my dilemma for venues, accompany me on each meet and even pretend to read at times.
you download the songs I like some times so I have something to hear when we go for a drive.
You smile at all my silly ideas and never even dissuade me , even when you have your doubts !
These are the few things that seem small but make the most difference to me. I am thankful that you accept me as I am and even if you keep poking me to be better or different, its never out of my zone.
I am happy for the love and cares as much as the arguments we have because that show that we know not just to please but to have differences and resolve them too.
Thank you everything and every moment you have spent with me before wedding for that made me fall in love with you. Thank you more for keeping that love in such high esteem every passing day.

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “52 weeks of gratitude : Week#2 ~ Thank you Yogesh”

      1. Nimue! It’s been crazy with the wedding preparations. I don’t know myself. πŸ™
        I missed your mail… πŸ™ will definitely try to make it to a meet. I have been longing to for so long.

          1. I am so so sorryyyy.
            I admit, i been not reading your blog much : (
            congrats !!! hugs and so much wishes to u !! going to settle n delhi ??

          2. Thanks Nimue. Look forward to rectifying our reading situation from both ends. πŸ˜‰
            I will be moving to Pune. That glorious city I keep talking about so much. πŸ˜€

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