The Saree wishlist

So I took the decision to wear more sarees this year and same time two amazing ladies had the idea to begin the #100sareePact on social media where they are going to wear 100 sarees this year. Of course I had to take part. And 7nsarees later , am already known for the saree pics and tales plus got a cool new nickname SWAN. Which stands for Saree Wali Awesome Nari ( the awesome lady in saree )
As I get to see about 10 saree pics each day on my timeline, read the stories and  general stuff that ladies discuss about sarees , I realized am still a toddler in the world of this regal indian attire. I have so much to know and learn everyday and of course to try out that the woman in me has to be chained heavily in case she goes on a shopping spree ! As my MIL says that i take no time to shop sitting in front of a laptop .. click click click !!!!!
So , here is my Wishlist to begin with, wether in terms of buying or trying –
Learn and wear Gujrati pallu style
Learn Bengali drape style
Own a kanjivaram saree
Own a Black saree with golden zari / brocade border
Wear my wedding saree again
Stay one whole day in saree ( apart from office ) and not skip any chore
Host one reading meet in a saree !
Know all possible fabrics in a saree
Know the differemt regional names for saree styles
Gift same saree to mother , myself, SIL and MIL and get a pic together
Make one saree myself – doing sequins or embroidery work
Own a designer saree
Of course this will take me few years but i do want to have an amazing collection as well as comfort carrying off any Saree for all purposes and occassions.
So join in with your stories , pics or maybe encourage yourself to try this 6 yard beauty more often !
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