Drifting away

Here and there
Pieces of me
My dreams
Wishes so silly
And possessive
I let them all go
Imagining to be
Feeling light and free;
But its not that way
Not even a little,
I have let go of me.
One direction, one focus,
A chance to make it happen,
Lost in the maze of life
Swinging on moods,
Am happy one second,
Pensive one night.
We all are loved
And more we all give
Does it matter i wonder
Or Another hollow promise
That we beleive
In order to live.
I want to not think
Of the corner i stand in
Using darkness to hide
From shadows of hopes
I had raised for myself,
I need to drift away, today.

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0 thoughts on “Drifting away”

  1. You couldn’t let go of some friends even if you tried, Nimue. It’d feel heavy the next moment, and light the moment after that, coz they’ll be giving you a tight hug (or a slap) saying, “why the hell are you letting me go you silly goof?!” 😉
    We do believe in order to live, it’s that hope that keeps us going one moment to the next. And I know you to be a believer in the light, not the darkness. 🙂
    * pulls Nimue from the darkness *

      1. When thou art in a phase where you don’t know how to face the the world which is in a race, take thy phone and call me from the maze. We’ll talk and walk and find our way out at our own pace 😉

  2. Heyyyyy ..what’s the matter. Let go noooooo that’s not the way always especially with friends. .
    Why so sad…
    And mazes are built to be explored and broken.. so this too shall be taken cafe of.
    Take care ..

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