This post is about me and only me. I figured its high time I did something for myself. Lets start with a post about me. The blog should know what I am upto.
So I am upto nothing right now, I did earn my PMP ( Project Management Professional ) this month *yippee* and studying for that kept me so away from everything that I have no idea how to get back to blogging or just writing or anything remotely creative.
Moving on, today is Karvachauth , the day north indian ladies keep fast all day for long livety of the husbands. It is a day the ladies dress up the best , pamper themselves, celebrate themselves. Everyone around me felt like putting in some time in dressing up and making themselves look special. All I did was wear an ethnic dress today and got mehandi on hands. I thought of many more things to do but even with lot of help from husband all day with cooking , I never thought of anything special for myself. Its like I needed some one to remind me even to dress up and look beautiful. I wonder why I have no interest to look better , to pamper myself or to do things for myself. I need not just mere suggestion but almost have to be forced into doung that. Or an order from my mother-inlaw 😉
So the next goal is to be better health wise and look better other wise. To spend time on self , with self and to learn to appreciate myself. * phew ! Tall order *
And to write more here. Keep reading and commenting. Might inspire me to write more.

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  1. Definitely. .One has to love oneself and easiest way t9 do that is to look good to oneself and feel good about oneself..
    So do just that you come first for urself always. .
    Take care and my best wishes always..

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