Letting go 

With half of the things , people or events that bother us , the problem lies with us. No , it is not expectations , ’cause after certain time , we all get used to the patterns. The issue lies when we do not move on. Learning to let go , comes so hard to many of us including me.
Off late , I am doing a lot of things for no reason other than as if I wear heavy weight chains of “it won’t look nice if i do not ..” or “I can not refuse him/her ..”  Whatever those things are ,  the compulsion of doing affects none other but me the most. I become irritated and angry on myself to not able to make a better decision. As a result , neither I enjoy nor can I hide it from the rest of the world. I have been told that this makes me appear as very unhappy or hostile person , which I am not. But once can not argue with perceptions forever , hence the need of the hour is to change yourself and build walls that no one can guess through.
I want to take a stand for my own joy and peace. I want to do things that will make me happy and I also know it should start with being alone and enjoying on my own . As I mentioned in this post, I have decided to shower myself with more of self-love. This will be followed by avoiding external factors that mess up my peace and smiles in the day. The days I can not do that , I will find a corner , let my hair down and read , paint or cook. Or perhaps write a rant post like this 😀
There is a song in hindi ( shared below ) which has lyrics that suggest, it is better to leave at a beautiful turn rather than drag the relationship to gutters and then end it. The same I plan to follow at moments when I know my heart is not in the activity and all my attempts to make it work have been futile.
Am now going to learn to let go of the negative vibes and rather focus on the love that I attract. Lets make some things unknown to the consciousness 😉

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. That indeed is a good thought ..
    I have learnt that unless you can love yourself it is difficult for others to do the same..
    So good luck and my best wishes always..
    That song is a beautiful one..

  2. For a single or even a random miss and one should not feel the world is falling down and that people have failed you. Becausd misses will always happen no matter who is shooting the hoop. And even for a while if the player is too skilful to shoot all the hoops for you, that ll amount to a lot of pressure for the player. So that’s too steep a way to lead life. Take it lighter. Live easy!! For self or for others is your choice but none should become a matter of regret. And that’s the key.

    1. Sometimes it is about you failiN your own purpose. I want to end few things and start from scratch. And it us never relationships that I will let go easily. It is about things I have been doing that need a fresh life. Will discuss with you too of course when we mert next. All ideas are welcome.

  3. If you’re feeling down and cannot avoid the troublesome corner, you know where to find me. 😛 I’ll come and we can knock those unwanted worries out and go have coffee and pizza. 😉

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