Friend in need

Part 1
Part 2

Will it hurt your ego if I say,
I was trying to lighten the mood?
I do not even know where you are,
just thought to hypothetically check,
how willing are you, if asked for help !

She laughed at her silly attempt at rhyming and sent the email on its way to the stranger’s mailbox. The whole day passed in a blur. Later in the evening , she wrote another poem on the blog , this time about the friendships born out of need of the hour. Before logging out , she checked there were 10 new comments on the blog. Some guy Sahil had commented on all her recent poems. the last comment was on the latest poem –
“Friends in need, often are friends indeed. Even strangers can be well wishers”
Sahil .. She read the name aloud and smiled. The stranger had finally identified himself !

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