Be prepared to change

Offlate I am talking to a lot of people in office and outside about what they want to do and how they plan to go about it. Most times people have much dreams and aspirations to make money but not the will to work for it. How can one expect to stay comfortable and still make progress?
It is also foolish when you decide not to let yourself be stagnate or your knowledge be rusted. The ever moving economy and dynamics of work demands one to be on your feet and walking in same stride as with the business needs. Ask not what the company can do for you , but what have you done to help your cause first. If you keep doing the current work best without planning for next step, there would be no change in where you are. Gradually you will be forced to fade into the increasing masses of people like you.
One has to be well read , well informed and prepared to leap into new challenges if you ever wish to make a difference to your own life and living.

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  1. I totally agree with you. There is this new fire I have in my belly to bring in change in my life and I am working towards it every day. Taking tiny steps. But yes, doing it and it has changed the way I look at life. More of Me to Luv is one of my brain-children. All these things make me happy by the end of the day. These personal projects are what keep me moving. ❤ Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. I so relate to the feeling Komal. Though i do not stick to projects , but i always have something that makes me look forward. There is so much to learn , to explore and to love.

  2. Hmmmm a good thought but most companies do not have a good or a proper specification of how one can progress. .
    Many a times it depends on the mood or the reviewer .. and also how rich the company is.. at least that’s been my experience

    1. I understand, but I have seen and lerned that if not current but without knowledge you can not even think of a job change. At the end of day , it is your own benefit to be always useful and relevant.

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