If there is one question I am most amused with , it’s my husband asking me why I do not eat mangoes. I do have an answer , or maybe not. But I surely have never responded to the question. I only smile ,and think of the vacations where we had mango eating competitions. Bucket full of dussehri* mangoes surrounded by 2 eager hands and one pair of hand responsible to make sure we don’t make a mess of our self. Juices running down the chin , the hands , the arms and some stains on the nightdress ; one nightdress picked every summer for only mango eating as the stains would never go. This and buttermilk – loads of it , to balance the heat of the mangoes.
I think of the road trip to the sacred temple city , the road lined with mango sellers , dad buying 5 kg of them going up and more returning home. Mom trying a few slices before picking the best , smelling all of them to find they are not too raw. And the cycle repeats each summer till we went to high school and got too busy to take a vacation together.
That is not when I stopped eating mangoes. It happened much later ,when I stopped enjoying mangoes as they made me guilty of being obese , guilty of being fond of sweets and sweet fattening fruits. And this is a story that I am not yet ready to elaborate. But I have not tasted mangoes since then. And it’s not changing any soon.

Summer vacations
Road trip rituals and laughter
Lost to growing up.

{ It’s been ages I wrote a haibun or even a haiku. Apologies for any mistake in the structure. Thanks dVerse for the prompt. }
Dussehri* is a mango variety in North India which is not peeled / cut. The pulp is instead sucked out of the fruit using mouth while keeping the outer peel intact. Hence the mess is inevitable 😉

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    1. Oh mango stains are permanent. Too hard to remove. So mom assigned clothes to each of us ..
      I hope you get to enjoy good mangoes some day and that too in abundance

  1. LOVE the haiku and especially its last line. I enjoyed reading this alot and could feel the sticky nectar of the mango dripping on my chin. I adore mangoes — but cannot imagine an eating competition with them! Thank you for posting.

  2. oh my…who made you ashamed of being obese? Shame on them! I’m a little butterball myself. I call mangoes “winter peaches” because of the color and the flavor. And to have clothing assigned to you because of the stains they leave. That is just wonderful. I think your haibun and haiku forms are great – and congrats for writing a real haiku and using a season word rather than just rattling off a seventeen syllable poem. I think we get our mangoes from Florida and California. don’t worry. I’ll eat your share of the mangoes!

  3. Those were the daysssssss sadly since coming to UK eating mangoes has become a very expensive show and they don’t even taste that good. We have three trees in our house compound so many of them to eat..
    Making shakes etc..
    I also remember the slaps when the school white shirt would have mangoes juices on them.. Oh boy..
    I need to come to india and eat many many manyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Dude , you been talking if coming to india and meeting me from years now. Hope things are great at your end. And you remind me that my husband’s family partly own a mango groove too .. should go there next year in the season.

  4. The traditions here are lovely – the vacationing each year, the same nightdress – I’m trying to think of a food that is so messy here that we eat… corn on the cob gets our chins and hands a sticky mess. I hope you are eating your beloved Mangoes soon!

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